Every Year Is Another Chance.

On December 26th every year, Warriors from around the universe begin a sacred tradition known as the Annual Hunt.

On this day, ancient monsters arise from their slumber and give these fearless warriors another chance to defeat these wild beasts once and for all.

An Around the Clock Endeavor.

Empires that have dedicated their societies to slaying the ancient beasts of the Annual Hunt utilize every individual to ensure their warriors are prepared for battle.

From the blacksmiths creating the latest weaponry, to the seamstresses fitting warriors in the armory, these kingdoms always remain vigilant.

Not All Warriors Are Created Equal.

The warriors of the Ok'Ten, unanimously regarded as the greatest hunters in the universe, have never suffered a casuality during a hunt.

It is rumored that the Regulation Union recruits directly from their army for their notorious private security force, The Dark Fleet.

A Rare Collection.

The greatest warriors always return with the skull of a great beast they have slain during their hunt.

These skulls are put on display in the vast temples constructed to honor those who died honorably during this great tradition.