CRNC = Money

Traveling across timelines may be easy thanks to Ace0 technology, but money is a different story.

We created Contained Refinement Notation Canisters (CRNC) - a simple, yet effective tool that serves as the money you keep in your pocket and your mobile banking interface for: Deposits, Withdraws, Purchases and Refunds.

Exchange Materials for Equivalent Value in CRNC

Whether you have come across a small resevoir holding rich minerals or you are excavating a vast desert for precious metals, you deposit those materials in your CRNC and they are instantly transmitted to the Regulation Union for verification.

Once the materials are verified, your account will be credited for the equivalent amount and you can spend, transfer or simply hold onto your money in the safest and most secure way possible.

Find Out Your Material's Value in CRNC

Our Contained Refinement Notation Canisters (CRNC) are designed to transact on any kind of universal material you would like to exchange. See the provided chart to understand your material's expected value.

(Note: Your timeline's language may not be able to translate future lanaguages, please contact the Regulation Union with any questions.)