Bad Weather

The Pensive Producer of Melodic Melancholy.

Known for the storm that follows him due to the synthetic smoke he enjoys, Bad Weather is Ace0's connection that enabled artists from across the universe to come to your timeline.

With strong relationships in the darkest parts of the universe, Bad Weather is committed to bringing you the best sounds from unheard of places.


The Sophisticated Assassin of the Soundwaves.

Utilizing his uncanny ability to analyze complex situations, SOZE, has become well-known as the highest profile assassin across the elite of the universe.

When SOZE isn't using his sharp mind to manipulate soundwaves, he is equipped with the rolodex needed to get to the most exclusive of places. This skillset has given him the reputation of being able to complete any high profile job, for the right price.


The Catalyst for Unexpected Audio Output.

A rogue member of the On'Ket Army, EULO, has made a living of taking on challengers who underestimate his ability.

This fearless mentality allows EULO to create soundscapes as unique as they are enveloping. When you hear the roar of the crowd from an undergound fight club, you can almost always find him close by.


The Audio Experiment Turned Renegade.

Created as an experiment to test reactive armor that responds to different audio frequencies by Bad Weather, PLYGRND, has become a sentient A.I. with a love for bass.

Known as the ever-present bodyguard for his creator, the louder the music, the bigger the problem he can create.

The Meddos

The Angelic A.I. of Low End Rhythms.

Created on a planet that inspired the city your timeline calls, Las Vegas, The Meddos are self-replicating A.I. that run their 24/7 entertainment planet that truly never sleeps.

Having grown fond of the bass music their guests enjoy, these A.I. are consistantly creating new ways to connect moving your body to the emotions you feel through sound.


The Autonomous Architect of Addictive Frequencies.

A decommissioned test model for the Dark Fleet, Upt!me, was designed to monitor planets for certain frequencies associated with illegal weapons being detonated.

Reprogramming itself after years of adaptive learning, Upt!me now obsesses over finding the rhythms and melodies we cannot get out of our heads.